Major League Hacking 2021 Hackathon Season

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Mentoring at a Hackathon

People come to hackathons to learn new things and build cool stuff! Along the way, our hackers might run into technical difficulties, and will need the help of those more experienced with the technology they're working with. This is where our mentors come in, our mentors will be an elite team of volunteers and corporate sponsored devs standing by to help our hackers when issues arise.

If you sign up to be a mentor, we'll ask you what technologies you are familiar with and will get you in touch with the hackers via a system known as HelpQ. In HelpQ, both hackathon participants and mentors will register in the system. Mentors will be able to list their areas of expertise. Participants who need assistance will submit a request, list the technologies that they're using, provide additional details about their problem, and give their location in the venue. Mentors will be able to see a list of all available requests and choose participants who need help in the mentor's areas of expertise. After helping a participant, mentors can either mark the request as resolved or return the request to the queue.

Overall, it's a great experience as you help someone build something wonderful, remember to sign up if you wish to volunteer as a mentor, and if you are affiliated with one of our sponsors, please email us at to obtain the sponsored attendee form.

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